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Yellow- It’s Nice That magazine


It’s Nice That magazine is one of those online publication that makes print editions of their blog.

$15 + $10 shipping

This is the future of publishing.





Stuff White People Like is a an example of a blog turn book. For the most part its pretty funny. It is a youthful and humorous response to talking about race and whiteness; whiteness as a social construction, as a stand in for invisibility.  A privilege that comes with being racially unmarked is the ability to take mundane upper-middle class things like love of yoga or sea salt and humorously claim it as “white culture.”  Perhaps it is a witty response to the sentiment that white people don’t have a “culture” in the same way other ethnic groups do.  Its very gesture mocks the sentiment but without realizing why the alternative would not be funny: stuff black people like, water bottles, stuff asian people like, yoga.

unrelated note:

For people with fobby Taiwanese moms: My Mom is a Fob.  I wonder if anti-immigration activists would think this is cute? I can hear them saying “Stupid immigrants! Taking our frozen yogurt!”