Green- Grant Green


Green is Beautiful- Grant Green

Soul-Jazz ❤

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Green- APC Flats


I am obsessed with things that go on my feet lately. And it doesn’t just stop at shoes–I’ve been eyeing socks and toe rings too. Fine, maybe not the toe rings although I’m predicting a comeback in Fall 2012.

And while I dream pennilessly of purchases that I can’t afford to make, I copy and paste my fantasies onto blog pages. These are wet dreams, sloppily drenched in drool and material-lust, and sadly, so far from being reality.

And with these pastel mint APC flats lurking, I should definitely treat myself to a one night “stand”. Har har har.


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Yellow – Craigslist’s Missed Connections, Illustrated


Sophie Blackall has a blog full of these goodies.


The drawings fits the imagined romance that could-have-been.


Brown- Canvas Oxfords



Can’t go wrong with brown canvas oxfords.

On sale at Urbn for $29.99. Only two sizes left. =(

But there are other oxfords out there, already blogged by my better half.

Brown- Crewcuts Bookbag

I’ve been looking for a small rugged waxed-cotton bag.  Barbour bags would be ideal because they are well-made and built to weather hunter’s needs. But I don’t have $100-$300 dollars to spend on a book bag. And the sizes are either too big (don’t need a full-sized messenger or briefcase) or too small (cartridge bags won’t fit my papers).

So I was pretty happy to see this…

crewcuts bag

crewcuts bagback

It is 12″W x  11″H  x  5″D, a perfect size for carrying a thin folder and the daily necessities.

I love how it is a backpack. It will alleviate some discomfort from carrying all my stuff on one shoulder.

Crewcuts – $49.50

Blogger Shop Day


Our humble little booth (All in the mix, Greg, Alice, Ruby, Alia, Diana, Diane)



Anh, Space 15 Twenty.





Diane showing off her double Ds.

Black + White

Cool your heels, missy

These LD Tuttle heels via Creatures of Comfort remind me that it’s time to swap in my beat up black high-top Chucks for something a little bit more raunchy, but not porn-raunchy, more like in an “I mean business”-kind of way. The exposed toe, heel, and achilles tendon are also symbolic: It’s revealing of a woman’s duality; the hard-ass-bitch who is secretly fragile and sensitive. Yep. That’s me. And every girl I know.