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Figuratively blue, read below.


I’m putting together a literary/visual arts journal that will feature works by aspiring/professional writers, photographers, illustrators, musicians etc. Each issue’s theme will relate to understated (and sometimes overstated) human experiences. It’s a cognitive examination of how we feel and why we feel. It’s an opportunity to commiserate and celebrate with others creatively (and anonymously, if you’d prefer…)

The first issue is called “How to Say Goodbye”. It is inspired by stories of loss, regret, guilt and the emotional implosion of break-ups and unrequited love. Fiction/non-fiction/funny/sad all apply. The main criterion is that your work is your own.

Please pass this along to interested parties and other creative minds. Contributors will receive a free copy of the zine/journal (sorry I can’t monetarily reimburse your for your contribution! How recessionista of me…) Deadline will be: April 6 (Monday), deadline extended.

Thanks so much!

Diane /  Phishsos@hotmail.com



A Yiorgas Kordakis photo, from his “Global Summer” series now showing at M+B Gallery in Los Angeles. I saw the prints in person, and immediately started making my summer vacation plans. What I love about this photo is its treatment; it’s not limited by a time and location reference. This could be a scene from Miami or somewhere in the Mediterranean; this could be present-day or not.


Jazz, R&B, and soul music legends like Art Blakely, Donald Byrd, Kenny Burrell (he taught at UCLA!), Freddie Hubbard, Ornette Coleman, and the like produced some of their greatest works under the Blue Note Records’ label.
Before I knew the music, I knew the album cover art. The label hired artist Reid Miles in the 1950’s, whose work was the crème de la crème. Miles left an influential imprint on graphic design history (pun intended). His monochromatic visuals and simple type still resonate.

photo via 1000 Blue Note Jazz Covers



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Blue moon. You saw me standing alone. Without a dream in my heart. Without a love of my own. 



hand-drawn. hand-scanned. handled.