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As if Williamsburg wasn’t already saturated with the hippest stores in the world and restaurants that should definitely be on your radar.

A few days ago, Mast Brothers Chocolate, a Brooklyn-based confection company that’s been all the rage, finally opened up their own shop a few days ago in the Epicenter of Coolness. For the past year, Brothers Rick and Michael Mast have been selling their hand-made chocolate bars at foodie-haunts like Marlow & Sons, Bedford Cheese Shop, Stone Barns, etc. Chocoholics and trend-watchers have been eagerly anticipating the opening of their Williamsburg space.

Though I can’t comment on the taste (haven’t had them yet), I am impressed with the wallpaper-esque packaging. While I’d hate to have toile on my walls, I would enjoy it wrapped around my chocolate. A+ for the packaging. B- for the location.


Photos via Shop Composition und Stickers and Stuff