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Brown- Canvas Oxfords



Can’t go wrong with brown canvas oxfords.

On sale at Urbn for $29.99. Only two sizes left. =(

But there are other oxfords out there, already blogged by my better half.


Brown- Crewcuts Bookbag

I’ve been looking for a small rugged waxed-cotton bag.  Barbour bags would be ideal because they are well-made and built to weather hunter’s needs. But I don’t have $100-$300 dollars to spend on a book bag. And the sizes are either too big (don’t need a full-sized messenger or briefcase) or too small (cartridge bags won’t fit my papers).

So I was pretty happy to see this…

crewcuts bag

crewcuts bagback

It is 12″W x  11″H  x  5″D, a perfect size for carrying a thin folder and the daily necessities.

I love how it is a backpack. It will alleviate some discomfort from carrying all my stuff on one shoulder.

Crewcuts – $49.50



This is basically me and coffee. It makes me want to poo, which is also brown.



Coffee napkin art by Chris Niemann.




Can someone buy me this?

I need a sugar daddy. Um. Or mommy. I don’t discriminate. Especially if you want to spend money on me.

via I Love Typography


In three weeks, I’ll be at a new place, trying to adapt to a very new living situation. I’m pretty excited! It’ll be nice to have my own bathroom again. I currently live in pretty tiny perfect square of a room, and my new place will accomodate the loads of bullshit I’ve acquired over the years, like my babushka collection, all of my church hats, and my clothes (tearing up right now, folks). The new apartment feels palatial compared to my current home. Of course, I’m been on the hunt for new furniture. The Craigslist gods answered my prayers and delivered this perfect (and cheap) dresser to me.


To paint? Or not to paint? That is the question.