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Green- APC Flats


I am obsessed with things that go on my feet lately. And it doesn’t just stop at shoes–I’ve been eyeing socks and toe rings too. Fine, maybe not the toe rings although I’m predicting a comeback in Fall 2012.

And while I dream pennilessly of purchases that I can’t afford to make, I copy and paste my fantasies onto blog pages. These are wet dreams, sloppily drenched in drool and material-lust, and sadly, so far from being reality.

And with these pastel mint APC flats lurking, I should definitely treat myself to a one night “stand”. Har har har.


via Refinery 29



Anna Karina


Catherine Deneuve

I enjoy French films not because I enjoy the directing or acting involved but because I like watching my personal style icons–these chic, classy, and cool French actresses–saunter into scenes,taking over with their sensuality. Anna Karina and Catherine Deneuve are two of my favorites.





Hedi Slimane’s Diary is one of my favorite things to look at when I’m in need of a visual-gasm, which is often. When I think of black, I think of the Hedi Slimane aesthetic, and subsequently his inspiring photo journal.

DC some



Onto my third week of German language studies, and one word I’ve developed a crush on is schwarz, which means black in English. Today, I’m donning schwarz from head to toe. I’m channeling Karl Lagerfeld, who happens to be German. Karl Lagerfeld = schwarz, all day everyday (with a dash of weiss around the head region).



I’m kind of a traditionalist when it comes to wallets.  I like simple leather designs. Function is important. That is why I’ve been using my Comme des Garcons one for so long that it’s scuffed and distressed. I tried to switch over to my mom’s hand-me-down vintage Bally wallet, gold on black patchwork, lovely until I had my purse stolen.

This is my newest obsession. 4-zipper-wallet by Bless. The gold is just loud enough but not overwhelming. I love Bless. Available at the Ooga Booga Store.




Lanvin S/S 09


Dries Van Noten S/S 09

A little splash of yellow from two of my favorite designers.




One of my favorite bloggers, Grey–whose aesthetic-driven narratives and visuals inspire me constantly–sets the bar high for design-bloggers.

The luxe things she can’t afford, she recreates. Oh, and I’m obsessed with her shoe collection.