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At first I was kind of resistant to Santogold, because she reminded me much of M.I.A and that somehow diluted the brilliance of both artist. But I soon realized that Santogold stands strong on her own merit. Musically her melodies and rhythms are more diverse, from electronica to reggae to hip-hop infused 80s pop. Stylistically her music videos and her clothes brings out the best of the Brooklyn hipster scene and adds a touch of playful contemporary art minimalism.

I love her album cover art. It is a rather simple concept; a black and white photo of her puking out tons of gold glitter. No fancy photoshop, costumes, or a crazy hodge-podge of colorful chaos. It is simple with the right amount of creep and DIY appeal.





I’m kind of a traditionalist when it comes to wallets.  I like simple leather designs. Function is important. That is why I’ve been using my Comme des Garcons one for so long that it’s scuffed and distressed. I tried to switch over to my mom’s hand-me-down vintage Bally wallet, gold on black patchwork, lovely until I had my purse stolen.

This is my newest obsession. 4-zipper-wallet by Bless. The gold is just loud enough but not overwhelming. I love Bless. Available at the Ooga Booga Store.