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(A little throwback to “red”, which we covered a week and a half ago)

I am usually pretty offended by poorly-designed band and concert posters that get wheatpasted all over the city. Oh those days of lore: Posting bills illegally around town as a music loving steet-team junkie; getting arrested trying to put up a Ghostface poster on a street pole during SXSW.  I remember going to extreme lengths to make sure my alltimefavoriteband was getting enough recognition. Sadly, half the time, the bills I carefully aligned and staplegunned/taped to even and uneven planes were hideous.  Where did all the cool poster designers go? I remember wistfully longing for old Wes Wilson-style poster designs; instead I was stuck with bad type, cheesy logos, and unflattering photography.


But I saw the poster above, which was designed by Justin Cox of Austin-based design collective, Public School for one of my favorite bands, Ratatat. It’s clever, clean, and intriguing. I like a bit of mystery in my posters. I also don’t need to see  photos of the band doing silly emo poses (ie, leaning against a graffiti-embellished wall or kicking dirt along a railroad track).




Today’s guest blogger is Zinzi Edumunson, my colleague and friend who, early on in the morning, sent me this:

GRAY: The internet is full of gray! Gray can be cool or warm, gray can also be grey, which is confusing. Gray is the perfect color for the internet, where emotional elusivity reigns!

Here are some examples of achromatic sentiments via someecards.



Thanks ZE-


Blue moon. You saw me standing alone. Without a dream in my heart. Without a love of my own. 



hand-drawn. hand-scanned. handled.