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Green- Grant Green


Green is Beautiful- Grant Green

Soul-Jazz ❤

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At first I was kind of resistant to Santogold, because she reminded me much of M.I.A and that somehow diluted the brilliance of both artist. But I soon realized that Santogold stands strong on her own merit. Musically her melodies and rhythms are more diverse, from electronica to reggae to hip-hop infused 80s pop. Stylistically her music videos and her clothes brings out the best of the Brooklyn hipster scene and adds a touch of playful contemporary art minimalism.

I love her album cover art. It is a rather simple concept; a black and white photo of her puking out tons of gold glitter. No fancy photoshop, costumes, or a crazy hodge-podge of colorful chaos. It is simple with the right amount of creep and DIY appeal.



Albums I enjoy from three alt rock bands that kind of love the word pink.

Ariel Pink “House Arrest”

Pink Noise “All is Nue”

Boris “Pink”



Jazz, R&B, and soul music legends like Art Blakely, Donald Byrd, Kenny Burrell (he taught at UCLA!), Freddie Hubbard, Ornette Coleman, and the like produced some of their greatest works under the Blue Note Records’ label.
Before I knew the music, I knew the album cover art. The label hired artist Reid Miles in the 1950’s, whose work was the crème de la crème. Miles left an influential imprint on graphic design history (pun intended). His monochromatic visuals and simple type still resonate.

photo via 1000 Blue Note Jazz Covers