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(A little throwback to “red”, which we covered a week and a half ago)

I am usually pretty offended by poorly-designed band and concert posters that get wheatpasted all over the city. Oh those days of lore: Posting bills illegally around town as a music loving steet-team junkie; getting arrested trying to put up a Ghostface poster on a street pole during SXSW.  I remember going to extreme lengths to make sure my alltimefavoriteband was getting enough recognition. Sadly, half the time, the bills I carefully aligned and staplegunned/taped to even and uneven planes were hideous.  Where did all the cool poster designers go? I remember wistfully longing for old Wes Wilson-style poster designs; instead I was stuck with bad type, cheesy logos, and unflattering photography.


But I saw the poster above, which was designed by Justin Cox of Austin-based design collective, Public School for one of my favorite bands, Ratatat. It’s clever, clean, and intriguing. I like a bit of mystery in my posters. I also don’t need to see  photos of the band doing silly emo poses (ie, leaning against a graffiti-embellished wall or kicking dirt along a railroad track).